Preparing a Site for a Fire


There Are Lots of Different
For Your Fire
(Safety, Dry, Efficient)

Whether you are going to build a fire in your backyard, on the run, at the campsite, on a through hike, on a rock climb, etc. the selection can be the difference between disaster, warmth, hunger, thirst, or worse. Spending time up front increases the possibilities of a good outcome.

   The Placement of the Fire is Important

There many regulations, even in the most remote areas, limiting the size, type, and placement of any type of fire and open fires especially. Make sure that you have made right inquiries before you leave in order to avoid steep, painful fines.

Choose a place where you have:

  • Easy access to water
  • Above high water mark
  • (to not be swamped in rain or high tide)
  • Must have a clear area directly above
  • At least 10 ft from surrounding logs, trees, tents, and buildings
  • Prepare a surface of
  • Rock, Dirt, Rock or Metal Fire Ring, Campsite Grill, etc.
  • Clear the area of flammables