Snake Bite Kits

It must be with you to worth having

Snake Bite Extractor Kits


I wanted to include snake bite kits because it is so important.

First –

Never, ever, ice or cool a snake bite. The cold causes the tissues and capillaries to contract forcing the venom further into the victim.

Do not use a snake venom extractor. PERIOD.

Please find one of hundreds of medical research reports on the topic at the bottom of the page for supporting evidence.

There are only two venomous snake species native to the North America, of them there are only four venomous snakes:

  • Coral Snakes
  • Pit Vipers
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Cottonmouth
    • Copperhead

There are 3 maps of the USA showing the most common locations of those listed above. (They are at the page bottom.)

To learn more about snakes and their bites we are rewriting the old sections to update and format them, stay tuned.

Suffice it to say snake only bite when they are provoked. Provocation can come as stupid drunk men between 16 and 35 proving their manhood by tantalizing a snake, thus Karma, another form maybe you foraging around in the forest for fallen firewood and startle a snake resting in the rotting logs and leaves.

I will leave the rest for the later posted articles. Right now we are considering snake bite extraction tools.

During the 18th and most of the 19th century outdoorsman would slice across the fang bite wound site and using their mouth suck out the venom. So… In the 21st century we know that venomous snake venom comes in basically two forms:

  • Necrotizing
    • Snakes have no teeth to chew their prey with
    • The venom immediately begins to liquify the flesh allowing the snake to ingest the nutrients
  • Neurotoxin
    • The venom immediately targets the brain and nervous system of the prey immediately immobilizing it and allowing the snake to swallow it whole.

Armed with that knowledge you can understand that sucking venom into your mouth can spread the suffering to your mouth. Furthermore, there is solid evidence that the suction collapses the fang path areas causing the venom to be dispersed further into to surrounding tissues.