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Feral Dogs, Wolves & Coyotes

As the balance of nature returns after years of man's unbridled expansion and development of what was wild habitat the wildlife has been adapting too. The animal rights groups and environmentalists tell us that we have irreparably destroyed their habitats. They say that the animals will be extinct. In fact if you look at the number of raccoon, possum, and more in suburban habitats around the USA you know that what has actually happened is that the animals have adapted and are thriving. 
Not all natural predators have adapted in the same habitats and one of their most effective predators; man is restricted from hunting them.  The restrictions allow these predatory animals to move to the top of the food chain without man as a threat. As a result there are new imbalances; feral dogs, pigs, hogs, wolves, coyotes and bear are becoming more brazen, making daylight raids into housing developments. The Feral Dogs, Coyotes and Wolves have become especially brazen. They have attacked humans much more frequently. It should be noted that to date nearly all of the attacks involved people who had domesticated animals (house dogs) with them. Check out our section on pets on the trail for an article regarding that problem.
The change in the pattern with these animals, their increasing numbers and the recent increase in human attacks outdoorsman and survivalists should take note. Make yourself aware of these animals, their hunting and attack methods, what draws them and how best to repel and avoid them. Being proactive is the best approach.
We will be adding specific articles regarding each one of the predators and answer as much as possible how to protect you from them.

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