Water Skills

Water Treatment

Water treatment covers a broad umbrella of water handling methods and systems. You must always begin by determining the intended output, product desired. Do you want water that is? Debris free Sediment filtration Reduced solids […]


Hand Washing

The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to hygiene as health in their training and projects around the world. Hygiene is a state of caring for the human body: Washing hands Washing finger nails Washing feet […]

Natural Health

Natural Astringents

There are many natural astringents found in nature. In other cases, you must expend some time making natural astringent extracts, tinctures, and salves from parts of plants, trees, etc.  Sometimes the astringent properties are directly […]



The world health organization (WHO) defines sanitation as: Sanitation is disposal of human waste Urine Feces The implementation of good sanitation practices is the only way to assure long-term control of contamination and dangerous diseases. […]


Survival Mindset™

If you wish to survive a serious challenge or threat, the most important tool you will need is a Survival Mindset. “Survival Experts” push people prepare with things; weapons, food, and gear. The fact is […]


Ferdinand Tönnies

Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft Your understanding of Durkheim’s theory should be melded with what is learned in the concepts of German sociologist; Ferdinand Tönnies and his two conceptual models for types of human association: Gemeinschaft and […]

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Fire Building

Building a Fire

Fire Building is a Series of Actions Not One (Choose the Site, Safety, Type, Gather Fuel) (Choose Firestarter, Tending, Extinguishing) Learning the process of building a fire correctly allows the maximum result for the minimum […]

Fire Science

Fire Science

You Must Understand it if You Hope to Control It (Knowledge is good but Wisdom may save your life) There are several methods of utilizing friction to start a fire. We will cover the most […]