Contamination Air, Water, Soil, Food

BPA – Bisphenol A

BPA is a primary component of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. The most common applications are water bottles, infant bottles, impact resistant safety glasses and more. The epoxy resins are used metal surfaces that come […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Code #7

  Most Common Uses: Number 7 (Miscellaneous) can be a multitude of plastic polymers and resins mixed together. It is commonly used in three- and five-gallon water bottles, ‘bullet-proof’ materials, sunglasses, DVDs, iPod and computer […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Code #6

  Most Common Uses: PS is commonly used in disposable plates and cups, meat trays, egg cartons, carry-out containers, aspirin bottles, compact disc cases toys, flower pots, video cassettes, ashtrays, trunks, beverage/food coolers, beer cups, […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Code #5

 Most Common Uses: PP is commonly used in Some yogurt containers, syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, caps, straws, medicine bottles Health Risks: The risks are low. there is little research on the effects of PP. It […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Code #4

  Most Common Uses: LDPE is commonly used in plastic bags, buckets, soap dispenser bottles, plastic tubes, squeezable bottles; bread, frozen food, dry cleaning and shopping bags, tote bags, clothing, furniture, and carpet.   Health […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Code #3

  Most Common Uses: PVC is commonly used in Window cleaner and detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging, wire jacketing, medical equipment, siding, windows, piping, plumbing and building materials, and in […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Code #2

  Most Common Uses: Milk jugs, juice bottles; bleach, detergent and household cleaner bottles; shampoo bottles; imitation wood; some trash and shopping bags; motor oil bottles; butter and yogurt tubs; cereal box liners Health Risks: […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Code #1

Most Common Uses: Soft drink, water, and beer bottles; mouthwash bottles; peanut butter containers; salad dressing and vegetable oil   Health Risks: Contains BPA (Bisphenol A) which is currently considered one of the top concerns […]

Recycling Codes

Recycling Codes Decoded

Recycling Codes Were Created to Simplify the Recovery of Plastic Polymers to Remove Them from Landfills The Recycling Codes are normally on the bottom of plastic and other containers in a triangle along with letters. […]