Social Philosophy 
The articles in this section are intended to broaden your understanding and knowledge base in the area of sociology; the study of society and the human equation.
Sociology directly relates to the challenges and solutions of complex problems encountered in wilderness, outdoor adventures, urban and suburban survival as well as disaster preparedness and survivalism. Most people that survive serious catastrophes and societal breakdown will not survive the aftermath. More die after in the chaos than from the actual event. That is because just taking charge is not enough. In order to truly lead you must understand the human condition, the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how to appease those needs and the needs of a thriving organized and fair society.
Building a substantial wealth of useful background knowledge expands your ability to apply creative problem solving skills to make your life easier and more positive. Overcoming obstacles when you have knowledge and skills is as easy as one two three.
A Firm Understanding of
Social Philosophy
The Lynch Pin to
Civilized Living
It Will Help
You Lead Your Team to Survival
Do Not Be Lulled Into Complacency Knowledge is Only the Beginning Not the End
"Practice; Apply Your Knowledge, Own It, Grasp It Fully, Master It, Gain Clarity of Perception, Teach It Successfully, Then You Have Reached True Enlightenment"
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All of the information on this website is offered on the strict basis that you and others will exercise proper caution and care in doing any of the things that are presented on this site.  YOU are solely responsible for the use to which you put this material. You must take responsibility for your own actions.
These pages are intended to open your eyes, begin your road to enlightenment. We are on a shoe string budget so we do our best to edit and error check, if there may be some typos for which we appologize in advance. The idea is to introduce ideas for you to investigate further and prepare you to understand his classes. Some activities related to wilderness survival and preparedness can be dangerous if done without proper care and attention. Please be careful and attentive when engaging in any of these activities.
Be reasonable, responsible, take proper precautions, and exercise common sense.
The techniques shown on this website are meant solely for use in primitive wilderness survival and emergency off grid situations. Please note that in most places it is illegal to use some of the methods suggested to capture animals unless you are actually in a life and death survival situation.

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