There is no disaster
When you are prepared™

Forget scare tactics and reactivism become more self-reliant through practiced skills and preparation. Human nature dictates that we act to resolve threats, attain a resolution, and move on. We explore common attitudes and misconceptions stemming from approaches that are not well considered or are incendiary.

Survival is Every Day, Practice!™

A Strong Base of Knowledge
Creates a Foundation for
Creative Problem Solving

The articles on this and our other websites are intended to answer relevant questions regarding topics common to wilderness, outdoor adventures, urban and suburban survival as well as disaster preparedness and survivalism.


Vigilance is the key to maintaining liberty

Building a substantial wealth of useful background knowledge expands your ability to apply creative problem-solving skills to make your life easier and more positive. Overcoming obstacles when you have knowledge and skills is as easy as one two three.

Will Hemingway & all of us at PracticeSurvival & would like to welcome our readers, listeners, and members to our website and suggest that you visit the radio show site as well as the rest of our websites. They are packed with useful tips and info.

Always remember, "There is No Disaster when Prepared™". Resist the calls for panic and reactivism, stand firm in your active participation in your safety, security, and survival through your own planning and preparation.