Team Building

Survival is a Team Sport

So many prepper and survival websites and talking heads. They push the idea that they would survive on their own. Many are tough guys, etc. Although such a feat is possible for the short term, no matter how anti-social, anti-government, anti-team that you are you will find that all humans are social creatures. Without socialization you will slowly develop serious mental issues. Furthermore, you will not be happy, you will likely lose your will to survive and die.

Building a team of compatible people who can develop a solid level of trust and sympatico is not something that happens overnight and certainly not in the heat of disaster, conflict, or crisis. While others expend countless hours and dollars on putting away preps, gear, etc. they often miss the most critical parts of what it takes to survive and thrive in a crisis; team. Team or community allows for a fair and non-abusive way for the group to work together supporting each other while allowing for a better outcome. All included will live better than would be attainable alone.

Several of the / websites have sections dedicated to team and community building. You may also find the archived episodes of the radio show and podcast on the website.

The point is not to minimize the value of individuality nor self-reliance, without them we lose no matter how strong the team or community is. (Read the article on the Hawthorne Studies of 1924). Your mission must be to either lead or help to build a unit, a societal group. A group of people who begin with a healthy respect for the tenants of individuality and then work to form a group who can work together harmoniously, without ego or issue for the greater good of all in the team / unit. Such a team will never metastasize overnight. It takes time, planning, vetting, and hard work. You will find that you will add and shed members several times before you are able the solidify the core group. The result is well worth the effort. 

The fundamental building blocks of creating a viable unit / team can be found in the sociology category under the Leadership and Team Building section of