Bug Out Bag (BOB)

Bug Out Bag - commonly known as a 72 hour bag

Keep It Near You Always To Help Get Home

BOB and INCH bags are the sole purview of survivalists, preppers, or road warriors. There are Urban, Suburban and Wilderness variations of the BOB.

The BOB is geared toward short term (72 hour) survival. Providing the reasonable survival capabilities in a transportable bag. Unlike the INCH bag that usually will weigh between 40 and 70 pounds depending upon the configuration the BOB should be around 30 - 40 pounds.

It will allow you to overcome most short term, immediate survival challenges for three days or so. The intent of the BOB is get you through the first few days in the event of a disaster or other emergency that forces you from your domicile until things settle do and you can return home. Whether the situation is a natural disaster, civil unrest, or other event the BOB is designed for short term survival. Like the INCH Bag hey are not for the uninitiated nor for those not in very good shape if you are forced out on foot.

Commonly BOB bags are carried in the BOV (Bug Out Vehicle). PracticeSurvival.com has developed a very versatile plan and group of gear to allow the INCH bag and more to be very flexibly transported in a simple and reliable means for even those less physically capable.