Kits for Life™

Kits are the Hinge Pin of Survival
Kits and BOBs
(Prepare Now or Pay Later)

People don’t say that parents are crazy if they see people with an infant or a toddler carrying a kit, it is expected. Having a baby bag or kit is the responsible thing to do. Only a fool would take a young child out without spare diapers, wet wipes, a change of clothes, food, and more.

Why would you take yourself out, away from home and safe without being equally prepared?  Whether it is proactive security, protection, readiness, outdoors, hiking, camping. day to day, or disaster survival, there is a kit for your needs.

Will’s kit culture approach does not just hand you a readymade kit and send you on your way. Will, founder of, has been training business and private clients for over 30 years how to be proactive. He teaches you how to build a base of knowledge and skills, then mate them a select high quality tools, supplies, and gear. He will teach you how to massage the combination into a highly functional solution to any challenge that you will face. No off the shelf kits, made by people who have no idea who you are, your abilities, your skills, and the conditions that you need to survive in.

Will's rule "There is no disaster when you are prepared ©" is personified in his starter bags and kits as well as his Kits for Life ™ training program. Kits make complicated simple, impossible doable, and make so order out of even the most threatening of circumstances.

The commercial below is one of my favorite examples of the value of kits, many kinds, applied realistically and proactively.

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