Water Skills – Where to Start

Water is Essential to Your Survival - Learn What You Need To Find, Gather, Treat, and Purify Water & Survive

Learn What You Need to Find, Gather, Treat, Purify It & Survive

Since there is such a small amount of potable water on the planet you need to understand your body’s requirements, how to find, gather, carry, store, treat, filter, purify, and hydrate with it. You also need to understand water poverty, the threat of water shortages, methods of conservation and dispel myths.

Having a clear understanding of Water, its benefits, and the threats that are inherent to open water sources, contamination and methods of abatement will increase your likelihood to thrive and remain healthy in any situation.

How much does one gallon of pure water weigh?

Water weighs 8.35 lbs. (3.79 kg) not including the container

Water is one of the key elements to the survival of any human.

You cannot carry enough with you to sustain more than a few days. So, you must have more than one means of purifying water where ever you go.

This section will touch on issues regarding catching, containing, filtration, sterilizing, distilling and safely storing and carry the life sustaining substance.