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Air Stripper for removal of VOCs from water
Air Stripper for removal of VOCs from water

Many but not all the contaminated water sources with VOCs are near industrial, commercial areas, fuel stations, landfills, and railroad tracks. Some are a result of intentional and accidental dumping or spills like industrial accidents, vehicle tanker crashes, and natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more.

Water has a different boiling point then the VOCs so boiling will gas-off those whose boiling points are below that of water (212°) See Distillation In municipal water treatment systems CVOCs (Chlorine based Volatile Organic Chemicals) are “stripped” by pumping contaminated water to the top of a tall tower called an air stripper, the water is atomized into a mist at the top separating the chemicals like TCE (Tri-CloroEthelene) which vent out the top while the water falls to the outlet

VOCs are carbon-containing compounds that evaporate easily from water into the air at normal air temperatures. These include gasoline, solvents, pesticides and more. All are highly toxic and when unabated in your water can cause cancer or sudden death.

  • Sidebar Note - You won't believe it but there are thousands of threads on the internet regarding people drinking moderate amounts of gasoline to purge their intestines. Go figure.
  • There is a great Rock-a-Billy music video called drinking gasoline and after thinking about it I searched the internet and found the craziness.  (see below)

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