TEOTOWAKI is Impossible
Complete Reversion to Stone Age Would Never Last
One of the reasons that Will contends that there will never be a permanent TEOTOWAKI event is that we have advanced so far in our knowledge of the world around us, how we affect it, how it works, and how we can alter it that there is no way that we will ever be forced to return to being cavemen. Even a biblical type cataclysm would only set us back a few years.
Even if we had to start from scratch we as a people would never remain in that mode. The survivors would already know what is "possible". Things like A/C Power, the light bulb, radio, TV, air flight, and countless other things that people even as recently as 150 years ago would never have even fathomed let alone believed possible.
Look at places like Atlanta, Georgia (USA) after its humble beginnings as a railroad town in 1836 it grew to be the hub of industry for the Southern United States as mile 1 of the Western and Atlantic Railroad. During the Civil War the North (Union) Army burned Atlanta to the ground. By 1872 Atlanta had been reborn. Since then several other revisions have occurred in Atlanta from racial unrest to urban blight that have caused Atlanta to basically be razed and reborn several times.
Now I in no way mean to minimize their plight or suffering, but in context to this discussion I would point out that those catastrophic events made way for Atlanta to be catapulted to the front of the pack in ways that are unlikely to have ever been attained not for those "purges".
Similar "purges" happened all over the world. The loss of the old "things" which can sometimes include priceless artifacts and antiquities is horribly disastrous. But as with the phoenix (or its variants) found in the lore of nearly every culture in history; from ashes rises something new and more vibrant.
It is in that light the I (Will) don't not believe that a permanent end to our way of life and loss of the progress that we have made in way of creature comforts, quality of life, and more over human rights and governance would ever last. TEOTOWAKI infers that we would return to being cavemen or medieval, we have seen too much, even the most ignorant among us know more than most of the monarchs and tyrants knew only a few hundred years ago. At fear of being political; I believe that undaunted by the destructive forces of a nanny state, people would regain their natural drive and competitive nature which armed with the knowledge and understanding of the mistakes of the past would rapidly forge a new norm complete with its own set of shortcomings, inadequacies, and problems. But we would rapidly gain technological ground in ways that would even wilt those of the most productive time in the known history of man; the twentieth century.
For those preppers and survivalists that I hear from time to time relishing the idea, I just say this, ask anyone who lived in London when Germany bombed it into the stone age, or any other city that experienced similar how "great" that was. Yes I know we are all tired of the political BS and all of the other issues in society today. But frankly, just remember it is this "not so perfect union" that allows you to live, healthy, fat, and happy into your 80's and longer. The average life span for most people in the world was in the mid 40's only 100 years ago. In 1850 the average life expectancy was mid to upper 30's.
Cherish this life that we have, enjoy it while you can, do everything that you can to help this way of life to continue, and protect the knowledge we have. Learn, educate yourself, and pass the new and old skills down to the next generations so that they too may experience the wonders of this new world.
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