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Survival / Prepping & the Real World
Putting A Positive Face on Survivalism Is Important
Survival / Prepping & the Real World
Putting A Positive Face on Survivalism
Is Important
If We Project
Counterproductive Anti Government
Attitudes We Will Strengthen Our Opposition
And Make Our Survival Even More Difficult
Over the years I have witnessed the ebb and flow of media and governmental character assaults upon law abiding survivalists and preppers. I have seen an equal number of yahoos and fringe anarchist, anti government prepper types who have been very vocal enhancing the negative perception of survivalism.
The anti government rhetoric is counterproductive and is really a form of mental masturbation. Similar to the macho BS about "all of your guns" and "hunkering down" neither have any place in reality. So let's get real. Without some form of Societal hierarchy NO ONE is ever Happy! Life is one battle to the next in such an environment. It is no life, it is barely survival. We have been graced by the fact that in our modern society with technology and reasonably broad based wealth (even the poorest in the USA and other Western Nations) have more than the average person in most nations.
We are lucky that we can be at ease enough to worry about what car we drive, getting to the baseball game on time or how many shoes or purses that you have. Most people elsewhere in the world are happy to have gone from point A to B without being shot or blown up at the shopping center.
If the government just evaporated tomorrow, anarchy would only last a short while. (See  Unfortunately some hippie utopia would not wash in. Groups of Megalomaniacs or Gangs would attempt to commandeer what was left of the mechanisms of power. Aside from the fact that "fair" would not exist, those types of people feed upon the production, supplies and skills of others. Such an existence guarantees only one thing. People who lack a sense of safety, stability and order do not want to even go outside, let alone work, produce or create anything. Inevitably, the lack of fairness, safety, representation, the utter lack of security and social order precipitates in a total breakdown of industry, production, agriculture and the economy.
The USA and several European nations adopted Durkheim's in the early 1900's. Unfortunately, they seem to have taken it without the advantage of the accompanying texts on the same subject. (I highly recommend that you enlighten yourself by spending some time on the Useful Information Section's Social Philosophy pages)
I believe that those in the governments at the time understood very clearly what the message that they perceived; the society (government) will survive as long as you direct to people to be dependent upon each other and the society. Once you remove individual self reliance you solidify the "Necessity of Government".
They have created a problem that would cost, according to FEMA, over 30 billion lives within 90 days of a total grid collapse of the Mid-Atlantic region. Why? Because as Durkheim said, "In order for a society to survive the people must be specialized, thereby dependent upon each other and the government.
In conclusion, no matter what zombie apocalypse or Armageddon game or movie that you daydream about, life would completely stink without some form of government with an underlying structure that fosters "informal organization".
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