EMP / EMR / TPR Explained
The fireball rises at a rate of 100m per second.
The rapid expansion of the Fireball massively compresses the surrounding atmosphere creating a devastating blast wave.
The Fireball cools within 1 minute no longer emitting radiation forming a mushroom cloud.
A 1 megaton detonation expands the fireball to 2200m
Within 10 milliseconds
A 1 megaton detonation expands the fireball to 150m
Within milliseconds.
Created by the rapid atomized (by explosion) dispersal of the non-fissioned components of both and nuclear fission device and non-nuclear device containing radioactive isotopes / materials in the form of large amounts of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)
Consists mainly of soft x-rays
The EMR is absorbed rapidly in the surrounding atmosphere rapidly heating it to extremely high temperatures forming a hot sphere of air and gaseous residues.
The fireball grows
TPR - Thermal Pulse Radiation (35% of the energy expelled)
Temperatures of 40 - 70 million degrees centigrade in the immediate area of the detonation vaporizing anything directly at the blast point.
Nuclear Radiation (15% of the energy expelled)
Initial Ionizing Radiation 5%
Primarily Neutron, X and Gamma Rays emitted in the first minute
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
A result of EMR
EMP / EMR Incident
The more exposure to radiation the more severe the short and long term effects are on the human body. (See Radiation Exposure)
Some radiation exposure is natural in our normal environment. It is critical to limit radiation exposure as much as is possible or practical.
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