We Provide Two Classes Each Month
(cost is reasonable from $3 - $35)
Via Our Meetup.com Groups
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Our Entry Group is
Real World
Preparedness & Survival 101 Meetup
The presentations are designed to act as primers
to help beginners and for our private and group classes.
Our Advanced Group is
Practice Self Reliance, Prep & Survival Meetup
The presentations are designed to act as an opportunity for more skilled and advanced people to share skills, knowledge, experiences, and for our enhance private and group classes.

These are not public organizations, we are building a private group of productive and active members to increase preparedness and strengthen the communities in which the members reside. We are very serious about privacy and protecting our members from unwanted solicitations and worse. Our Meetup.com groups are therefore locked as private and require that you are verified and approved as a member.
Please provide honest information and thoroughly answer the questions in the member profile. You must verify your identity (privately via email and text) with the Organizer prior to acceptance. This process is solely for the protection of privacy and safety of our members and attendees.
We reserve the right to refuse admittance to those who are disruptive, disrespectful or attempt to phish the group for commercial or organizational gains without approval of the Organizer.
We also work to maintain only members who are actively involved and participate. In the event that you are unable to attend regularly you will be removed in order maintain that goal.
Group, Corporate and
Private Training Classes
PracticeSurvival.com's training classes. Will (this site's founder) has broken the sites into segments; each one dealing with a specific area critical to overall self reliance and survival no matter what the challenge.
Will is a professional risk management, loss prevention, protection, self reliance and survival trainer. He has over 30 years experience in the private sector in various capacities both corporate and in a contractor / consultant role. There are no experts in the world but many who have solid field experience who we work with to either carry their message or give a forum to share their experience and skills with others for all to benefit. If you have a practiced skill set that you would like to share contact us so we can add you as a contributor or presenter.
These pages are intended to open your eyes, begin your road to enlightenment. We are on a shoe string budget so we do our best to edit and error check, if there may be some typos for which we appologize in advance. The idea is to introduce ideas for you to investigate further and prepare you to understand his classes.
Ask yourself, "does my potential trainer refuse to tell me what they will teach me and then nickel and dime me to get everything?" or do they give you a solid start and then help you put the knowledge to task, hands on and make it real? That is what we do. Are you ready to really learn?
Join Will from PracticeSurvival For One of His Preparedness & Survival
Mini-Courses Each Month
Will is the co-organizer of
South Jersey Survival Skills Meetup
and the founder of
Practice Self Reliance, Preparedness and Survival Meetup
They both have one formal session each month  in Williamstown, NJ easily accessible
From Rt. 42 and the Atlantic City Expressway.
Click on each to go the website and join to experience PracticeSurvival.com and the opportunity to gather with others interested in preparedness and self reliant living.
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These pages are intended to open your eyes, begin your road to enlightenment. We are on a shoe string budget so we do our best to edit and error check, if there may be some typos for which we appologize in advance. The idea is to introduce ideas for you to investigate further and prepare you to understand his classes. Some activities related to wilderness survival and preparedness can be dangerous if done without proper care and attention. Please be careful and attentive when engaging in any of these activities.
Be reasonable, responsible, take proper precautions, and exercise common sense.
The techniques shown on this website are meant solely for use in primitive wilderness survival and emergency off grid situations. Please note that in most places it is illegal to use some of the methods suggested to capture animals unless you are actually in a life and death survival situation.

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