He also defined the law of electrolysis, discovered benzene and discovered the “Faraday Effect” the means whereby magnetism bends light waves in polarized light.
Faraday Cage the Science
Michael Faraday
Faraday Cage
Faraday studied the effects of electromagnetic radiation. He developed what is now known as the the Faraday Cage. The cage shields its contents from the effects of static electric fields. Electric fields are basically a force field surrounding a charged particle (an electron or a proton).
Faraday cages deflect static electric charges and some forms of electromagnetic radiation diffusing them around the exterior of the cage.
The cage dissipates the electric charges and radiation completely canceling them out for anything inside of the cage. Faraday demonstrated that the cage actually isolates the charges from the interior by acting as a conductor which channels the charges past the contents and off to the surroundings.
The type charges that a Faraday Cage repels are Electromagnetic Radiation and Static Electric Charges such as; microwaves (like cook in the oven), EMP, lightning, radio waves and more.
Faraday found that a cage as simple as a metal pail with a tight sealing lid or a cage were sufficient to fit the bill. Furthermore he learned that it is not necessary to isolate the contents from the outer shell in order for the cage to work. Some experts now argue that heat associated with high levels of Electromagnetic Radiation could heat the cage damaging the contents but since most people use paper or foam rubber to insulate the contents that they would burn and still damage the contents.
Faraday’s great discovery was able to prove that an electrical conductor (such as a metal cage or his famous ice pail) when charged, only manifested the charge on its surface. He discovered that the interior was unaffected. He actually lined the exterior walls of a room with metal foil, placing a device inside to detect low level electrical charges. He charged the foil with and electrostatic generator and found that there was no registered electrostatic effect on the interior of the room.
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
Ben Franklin; Founding Father of the USA, was the primary inspiration behind Faraday’s development of the Faraday Cage. From Franklin’s early experiments with electricity and electromagnetic fields in 1755.
Lightning Rods
The lightning rod is a clear example of the phenomena that makes a Faraday Cage work. Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1749. It is possible that Prokop Diviš in the Czech Republic invented it possibly independently 5 years later in 1754.
Michael Faraday (1791-1867)
Michael Faraday was a British physicist and chemist. His research in electricity and magnetism led to his inventing the electric motor and the electric generator. He created the foundation for the industrialized world that we now know with those two groundbreaking creations.
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