You should always be armed with repellents when you head out into the wild.
Permethrin for ticks, fleas, and chiggers. Some form of insect repellent, Bear Spray, and a few more. Having the proper repellent immediately at hand will save you hours of discomfort and quite possibly from a lifetime of suffering or death.
Fire Starters
Check out the Fire Starter Section. Fire Steel, Magnesium blocks, cotton balls, cotton balls, and more.
There is only one multitool that I have found is reliable, fully loaded with useful options, is black and does not suffer from jammed jaw handle double back. The Gerber Diesel is so far the only one that I have seen or tested that has that feature.
Have you ever used a pair of pliers or cutters and the object jammed between the jaws, like thick gauge wire then when you tried to pull the jaws open the handles bend back and there is not positive force on the jaws to open.
If You Carry Anything You Need These Top Picks
Do you have to have tools, no not if you are skilled. But in the real world, if you can have tools and don’t bring them you are just plain dumb. When you are in a survival or Bug Out situation, food and water will be scarce, wasting calories and water is a threat to your survival.
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