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The single most critical thing that a person needs in order to survive a serious challenge or threat is a Survival Mindset. Most people start with things like weapons, food, and gear. The fact is that without a true survival mindset nothing that you have will save you. History has proven over and over, even in instances where people had the odds in their favor, their perception caused them to lose faith and inevitably to lose the will to live. People who were surrounded by months’ worth of food rations could not get themselves to eat because they were so sick of peanut butter, etc. A proper Survival Mindset is much more than just a will to live though. It is about the confidence that you have built and practiced. That have learned enough skills that you have developed a level of wisdom. Wisdom that will allow you to overcome many challenges without depending upon others. Wisdom that allows you to remain calm while those around you are losing their heads. THE KEY TO YOUR SURVIVAL is the mastery of skills and the wisdom to understand the application of gear, supplies, physical, and mental effort.
If the challenge is a serious disaster where society was decimated, at least for a while, the second most important component to your survival, Alpha or not, is a deep understanding of the human condition, social interactions, and sociology. It is my humble opinion that if everyone was taught sociology, real sociology, from the beginning, life would be much better for all. Ignorance of what make humans “tick” makes ignorant and even abhorrent behavior easy to rationalize. The irrational notion that “things would be so much better without the government” is just simply wrong. It is likely that less than 5% of the population of most first world nations would not survive more than a few weeks to possibly 2 months. Life would be 24/7 suffering and would not qualify as living in our current definition. The only hope for non-alphas to survive is to understand enough that they can join together to create a civil society, a governing structure and work together for common defense, liberty, and freedoms.
Of course, developing physical skills based upon factual recall (knowledge) is useful and will propel you to a better place. Once you have embarked the thoughtful development of a mindset, learning and perpetually practicing core skills should be the next goal. It is in fact, perennial act.
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