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The human body is made up of anywhere from 50 - 75 % water, depending upon the amount of fat in your body. Fat holds water. Infants typically have around 70-78 % water. By age one, they normally drop to around 65 %. Interestingly, the average male and female do not share the same percentage. The average male will normally run approximately 60 % water content. Meanwhile, an average woman averages 55 %.
Learn how much you need to survive, how avoid and identify dehydration, where and how to gather water, how to transport it, how to treat, filter, purify and store it.
PracticeSurvival's stance on water treatment is based upon extensive peer-reviewed research and hands on experience and it is not likely what you are used to hearing:
All of the rhetoric about the bad things that the water authorities and governmental agencies "do to you" and "do wrong" in the area of drinking water treatment is not even one tenth of what you would do to yourself unwittingly every day if you had to, or do get your water from ground water sources. There was a day, certainly not in recent history, when you could feel safe to drink surface water in many places without a concern except for biologicals. All you need to do is read the headlines every day to see that those days are long gone. Water at the tops of mountains, previously considered the most pristine sources, not even in the most remote parts of the US contain a laundry list of toxic chemicals, radioactive particulates, and more not only in the surface water but also in the ground water.
Say what you will about the Public Water Utilities, but if you consider that they spend millions of dollars on each source point, have hundreds of personnel; many highly skilled scientists, and all of their equipment and the water quality is still dubious enough that you believe (for good reason) that you need to purify it yourself, then you will realize the overwhelming challenge that you face if you intend to source your water from a well, or off grid and expect to have the same or better results. Read the article on Off Grid Water Treatments to set the tone for what you need to know and how to proceed intelligently.
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